The PJAS 2010 Award Ceremony

Photos from the 2010 PJAS Meeting

Photos from the 2010 PJAS Judges Meeting

535 students and over 250 teacher-sponsors and parents met in the Multipurpose Room of the University Union on Saturday evening for the Awards Ceremony.  

Dr. William Sigmund, University Coordinator of the meeting, opened the event and Dr. William Williams, SRU Provost, welcomed the students to Slippery Rock University.  

The Region IX Committee announced the results and the Region IX award winners.  At the conclusion of the ceremony, the Special Award winners (pictured below) were given monetary awards, including $100. awards to outstanding junior high and senior high presenters in their fields from the SRU Mathematics, Biology and Chemistry Departments.   Winning biology presenters also earned their sponsors a $200 Mentor Award to be spent on biological/science supplies.   Additional awards were provided by the Region IX Committee.

NOTE:  PJAS SRU Scholarship winners will be announced later in the week and will be posted here.

Some information/captions still to be added as well at the beginning of next week.


and all the Special Award winners for 2010! 



The 2010 Special Award winners 


Jessica Glas
"Phytoremediation of the Xenobiotic Acetylsalicylic Acid" (Botany category)
Seneca Valley High School
Dale Wagner, Sponsor

Stephen Posney
"Beat the Dealer: A Card Counting Enrichment Program" (Computer Science)
Freeport Senior High School
Donald Orlowski, Sponsor


The SRU Departments of Mathematics, Chemistry (new!), and Biology award $100. each 
to the outstanding junior high and senior high presenters in their disciplines.  The Department of Biology presents a "Mentor Award" to the winning student's sponsor.   The Mentor Award, increased this year to $200, is to be used for science supplies at the sponsor's school.

Pictured above are the 2010 Winners of $100 each as the outstanding junior high and senior high presenters in mathematics, chemistry, and biology, along with Madeline Williams, winner of the Stewart future teacher award.  The names and presentations of the departmental winners are:

Senior High Biology:
Jessica Glas (also our G12 scholarship winner!)
Seneca Valley High School
Jessica earned her sponsor
Dale Wagner, the Senior High Biology "Mentor Award"

Junior High Biology:
Zoe Reitz

Freeport Senior High School, Grade 9
"Does Fly Ash Inhibit the Germination of Annual Rye Grass?"
Zoe earned her sponsor
, Donald Orlowski, the Junior High Biology "Mentor Award"

Senior High Mathematics:
Melissa Bigger, Grade 10

"A Study of the Isoperimetric System"
Riverside High School (Nancy Avau, sponsor)

Junior High Mathematics:
Anand Singh
, Grade 8
"Fast Fractions"
Beaver Middle School (Donna Nunamakler, sponsor)

Senior High Chemistry:
Kayla Percic, Grade 10
"A Sliver of Liver"
Apollo Ridge High School (Laurie Martin, sponsor)

Junior High Chemistry:
Gabrielle Houston, Grade 8

"Which Drug Delivery Method Works Best?
St. Vitus School - New Castle (Cathy Ryan, Sponsor)

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