The 50th Annual Region IX

2007 PJAS Meeting at Slippery Rock

The 2007 PJAS Meeting at SRU

Mark your calendars now!  Next year's PJAS Region IX Meeting is scheduled for February 23, 2008!

2007 PJAS Meeting Photo Page

Photos from the 2007 PJAS Awards Ceremony

Photos from the 2007 PJAS Judges Meeting

February 24, 2007 brought the Region IX Meeting of the Pennsylvania Junior Academy of Science to SRU for the tenth consecutive year. 

It was the 50th Annual Meeting of Region IX! 

The Region IX Meeting has been a very successful event due to the collective contributions of faculty, staff administration, and students.   Over 500 students, grades 7-12, present the results of their science research projects. The opportunity to host the Region IX Meeting and have these high school and junior high students interested in math and science on our campus is an opportunity not only to foster this interest in the sciences, but also to familiarize these students with Slippery Rock and let them see the exciting possibilities we offer here at SRU in math and science.

Typically, three judges evaluate up to ten short presentations by students who have completed research projects.  Many of the students spend long hours working with their sponsors in designing and carrying out the project, then preparing to present it at the Region IX meeting.  Judges often comment on the exceptional quality of many of the projects presented at the meeting.  

Judges have included college professors, high school teachers, people in business and medical professions in the disciplines, and college students.  Judges have an opportunity to ask questions following the formal student presentation, then each judge independently rates the presentation. "First Place" winners earn the right to compete at the state competition in May. All judges attend a complementary luncheon and judges' meeting to discuss the criteria and scoring in Boozel Dining Hall.  Dr. Robert Smith, SRU President, welcomed the judges at the luncheon and students at their orientation meeting (as he has almost every year), and Provost William Williams welcomed the students at their evening awards ceremony.

Slippery Rock University is once again offering scholarships to the top senior (grade 12) and junior (grade 11) presenters. This year's stipend is again $12,000 ($3000. per year, renewable for four years, to the top junior and senior presenter).    Award winners will be announced in the very near future!

Mrs. Leah Ann Williams and Mr. Ray Greco are the Co-Directors of Region IX of the Pennsylvania Junior Academy of Science.  Former regional director Pete Carando, New Castle High School, is the Director of the state-wide Pennsylvania Junior Academy of Science.

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