2010 Natural Sciences and Mathematics Awards Banquet

        On April 22, 2010, the "School of Natural Sciences and Mathematics" Awards Banquet was held in the Alumni House.  While no longer in existence (NSM was a "school" in the former College of Arts and Sciences), the departments still share their common bond in math and sciences and have continued the tradition of an annual spring awards banquet. 
  Dr. Susan Hannam, Dean of CHES, welcomed the attendees and  presented several Natural Sciences and Mathematics Scholarships.  Dr. Mark Shotwell of the Department of Biology served as the Master of Ceremonies.  Dr. Robert Smith, President, gave the closing remarks and Provost Bill Williams was also present.

The evening provided a wonderful opportunity to honor our outstanding students and scholarship winners.

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Biology Award Winners

NSM Banquet 2010

Outstanding Biology Senior Award: Jessica Rack

CPUB Outstanding Student: Lystina Kabay

Beta Beta Beta Senior Service Award: Jessica Rack

Rhoda Evans Taylor Endowed Scholarship: Melinda Frazer

Thomas W. Gaither Scholarship: Kristyn Pristov

Biology Honors Scholarship: Kortnee Koziara

Biology Honors Scholarship: Allie Bolen

William R. Sigmund PJAS Award: Kadie Fritz

John P. Phillips Memorial Scholarship: Kadie Fritz

Beta Beta Beta Alumni Scholarship: Erica Carnright

A. P. Vincent Scholarship: Nathan Glass

Frank A. Pugliese "Rock" Scholarship: Lyndsey Peterson

William A. Ralston Scholarship: Amanda Mator

Achievement in Biology Scholarship: Kayla Vitale

Family Campaign Scholarship: Nathan Glass

George Smith Memorial Research Grant: Kimberly Wilson

Sophomore Biology Honors Scholarship: Amanda Mator

Sophomore Biology Honors Scholarship: Kristy Ilgen

Outstanding Medical Technology Junior:  Sara Angelotti

Outstanding Cytotechnology Junior:  Julieanna Constantine


Current Biology Scholarship Recipients:
Thomas John Scholarship: Melissa Tawney
James Steel Memorial Scholarship: Amanda Mator
Thomas W. Gaither Scholarship: Madeline Stump
Biology Honors Scholarship: Melissa McCutcheon
Biology Honors: Shengnan Zheng
Ralston Scholarship, Soph Biology Honors: Melissa Tawney
William R. Sigmund PJAS Award: Jessica Rack
Genevieve M. Tvrdik Scholarship: Seth Witmer
John P. Phillips Memorial Scholarship: Timothy Hahn
Beta Beta Beta Alumni Scholarship: Jessica Rack
A. P. Vincent Scholarship: Lystina Kabay
Frank A. Pugliese "Rock" Scholarship: Matthew Laubham


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