Above: Three-dimensional reconstruction of the maxillary bone of a fetal Tarsius syrichta (center) with depositional (red) and resorptive (yellow) surfaces coded. On the left are soft tissue structures that influence bone growth remodeling, such as the eye (green), nasal mucosa (orange) infraorbital nerve (brown) and dental follicles (blue). On the right, these structures are ghosted against the bone. (image (c) Timothy D. Smith, 2011). Related to current research: "Making Monkey Faces:  An Investigation of Bone Growth Patterns that Shape the Forward-Facing Eyes of Our Primate Relatives" (PASSHE grant)

Timothy D. Smith, PhD
Associate Professor, School of Physical Therapy,
Slippery Rock University, Slippery Rock, PA 16057
Phone: 724 738 2885
Fax: 724 738 2113
Comments: E-mail: timothy.smith@sru.edu
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I received a Ph.D. in physical anthropology from the University of Pittsburgh in 1995. My dissertation concerned growth and development of the human vomeronasal organ in fetuses with and without cleft lip and palate. My current teaching foci include gross anatomy, embryology, and histology. Other teaching interests include fetal development and congenital disorders and  comparative anatomy. For further information, see links to the histology atlas and current research interests.



1985-1989 B.F.A. (Drawing)  Carnegie-Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA.


1990-1993 M.A. (Physical Anthropology)    University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA.

1994-1995 Ph.D. (Physical Anthropology)    University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA.

Teaching Responsibilities

PT 630, PT 635 Gross Anatomy I & II

PT 627 Human Development

PT 633 Histology (Link to Histology Atlas)

Research Interests

I am devoted to fostering student involvement in research. My research interests include comparative histology and histochemistry of the chemical sense organs, functional anatomy and histology of the shoulder and hip, and craniofacial development and growth. A special emphasis of my research has focused on evolution of the vomeronasal complex in primates. My graduate students and I are investigating functional correlates of bony articular surfaces and limb muscle masses in mammalian species that exhibit differing locomotor behaviors. Finally, I have an interest in functional anatomy and locomotion of river dolphins. Most of my published work (see below) is a collaborative effort with students from Slippery Rock University (in red) and scientists from numerous other institutions. 


       1998 Guest Editor

                            1. Microscopy Research & Technique (Vol. 41, No. 6), spec. issue: Histology and Histochemistry of the Vomeronasal Organ, Pt I

            2. Microscopy Research & Technique (Vol. 43, No. 6), spec.  issue: Histology and Histochemistry of the Vomeronasal Organ, Pt II  

        2004 Guest Editor (with CF Ross and NJ Dominy)

The Anatomical Record (Vol. 281A, no. 1, 2004), special issue: Evolution of the Special Senses in Primates

        2004 Co-Chair/Co-Organizer (with CF Ross, NJ Dominy)

Symposium: Evolution of the Special Senses in Primates. 73nd annual meeting of the American Association of Physical Anthropologists, April 2004, Tampa FLA.  

   2010 Guest Editor (with JM Organ, VB DeLeon, and Q Wang)  

                          The Anatomical Record (Vol. 293, no. 4, 2010, special issue: From Head to Tail: New Models and Approaches in Primate Functional Anatomy and  Biomechanics

Selected Publications

Smith TD, JB Rossie, GM Cooper, RM Schmieg, CJ Bonar, MP Mooney, and MI Siegel. 2011. Comparative micro CT and histological study of maxillary pneumatization in four species of New            World monkeys: The perinatal period. Am J Phys Anthropol, 144, no. 3: 392-410. e-mail for a PDF  

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