Timothy D. Smith, PhD 

E-mail: timothy.smith@sru.edu

RESEARCH INTERESTS: Development, structure, and histology of the primate nasal fossa

Microanatomical study of the nasal fossa of primates

TAKE A TOUR OF A LABYRINTH (Smith TD, JB Rossie. 2008. Nasal Fossa of Mouse and Dwarf Lemurs (Primates, Cheirogaleidae). Anat Rec, 291:895-915.e-mail for a PDF )

MOVIE FILES (more coming soon)

During collaborative research projects, my students and I have sectioned and stained partial or complete heads of more then two dozen neonatal/infant/juvenile primates. These are maintained in my laboratory for various ongoing studies, and movie files of stacked cross-sections are available below. 




strepsirrhine primates (lemurs and lorises)