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Emma Guffey Miller speaking at a conference. Miller was influential in the U.S. government throughout her life.

* Girls in North Hall lose hairbrushes

* Roll of fabric unwinds in Miller Auditorium’s Costume room

* Music turns on and off in sound booth of Miller Auditorium

* Theater students hear tapping noises while sitting in silent green room

* Sighting of Emma in North Hall Closets

* Printer in North Hall prints out letter “E” larger than any font on the computer

*Sounds of footsteps and running come from 3rd floor of North Hall while all of the residents are sleeping

* Emma knocked down a microphone during the play, Henry IV, because she felt it was too provocative

Emma Guffey Miller

Date of Birth-

July 6th, 1874

Date of Death-

February 23rd, 1970


Westmoreland County