Dr. Langdon Smith, Associate Professor

Graduate Coordinator, Masters of Science in Sustainable Systems

PH.D. Geography: University of Kansas, August 2002. Dissertation: “The Democratization of Nature: State Park Development During the New Deal.”

M.S. Geography: Montana State University, May 1999. Thesis: “The Evolving National Park Idea: Yellowstone National Park, 1872-1890.”

B.S. Journalism: University of Wyoming, May 1987.



With the opportunity to develop the new Masters of Science in Sustainable Systems, my research has shifted during the last 12 months to sustainability topics. While my interests have always been with environmental issues and nature, it is much more satisfying to be working on projects that can have an immediate impact on how we interact with the environment.  

I am currently involved in two ongoing sustainability research projects. The first is to develop a representative survey to assess Pennsylvania residents' attitudes about renewable energy, and to develop policy recommendations for the PA General Assembly and PA Department of Environmental Protection. I am working with Dr. Jialing Wang on this project and we have applied for a $50,000 grant from the Center for Rural Pennsylvania to cover the research costs. 

My second ongoing project involves installing energy metering equipment and displaying consumption data on Building Dashboards throughout the campus of SRU. Working with Dr. Julie Snow, we want to find out if providing energy use feedback by metering buildings and publicly displaying energy data can reduce energy use on Pennsylvania campuses as it has in other more limited applications, such as at Oberlin College in Ohio? The second research question asks if the use of Building Dashboards, combined with interdisciplinary educational modules, can change the attitudes and behavior of campus community members, and does increased awareness extend beyond campus to influence other personal natural resource choices? To cover expenses, we have applied for a $1.1 million grant from the Pennsylvania Energy Development Authority Grant Project.


Courses taught at SRU:

Principles of Sustainability

Energy and Society

Environmental Problems

Environmental Law and Policy


Rural and Urban Planning

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Dr. Langdon Smith
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