Dr. Erica Lynne Scott

Associate Professor of English


B.A. English and History, Pennsylvania State University
M.A. English, Gannon University
M.A. Creative Writing, Miami University (Ohio)
Ph.D. Composition/Rhetoric and American Literature, Miami University (Ohio)

University Information

Office: 313-O Spotts World Culture
Office Phone: (724) 738-2367
Office Hours: MWF 11am to 1pm  and by appointment.
E-mail: erica.scott@sru.edu

Fall Schedule 2010


College Writing I--Honors, Section 20, MWF 11:00 to 11:50, SWC 300

  American Literature II, Section 01, MWF 1:00-1:50, SWC 300

College Writing I, Section 36, MWF 2:00 to 2:50, SWC 300



  Spring Schedule 2010

College Writing II--Honors, Section 17, MWF 1:00-1:50, SWC 300

College Writing II--Section 30, MWF 2:00-2:50, SWC 300

 American Literature: 1865-1945, Section 01, R 5:00-7:30, SWC 304

Courses Taught

College Writing I (English 101)

College Writing I-Honors Section (English 101)
College Writing II (English 103)

College Writing II-Honors Section (English 103)
Composition and Rhetoric (English 204)
Interpreting Literature (English 210)
Interpreting Literature: Focus on Gender: Women's Studies (English 210)
Interpreting Literature-Honors Section (English 210)
Introduction to Fiction (English 212)
Creative Writing: Fiction-Independent Study (English 240)
Literature of the Women's Movement: Women's Studies (English 243)

Classic Theatre Tour (English 288)
Shakespeare (English 312)
American Literature I (English 319)
American Literature II (English 320)

Stratford Shakespeare Tour (English 389)
Introduction to Rhetoric (English 602)
American Literature: Origin to 1865 (English 617)

American Literature: 1865-1945 (English 618)
American Literature: 1945 to Present (English 619)

Teaching About Writing and Literature (English 621)

Classic Stage (English 688)

Shakespeare Stage (English 689)

Teaching Writing and Literature (English 621)
FYRST Seminar (INDS 101)


                                                Sigma Tau Delta

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