Quixotic and/or quaint lists of words

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Quaintisms. These are either quaint, archaic, non-technical, or just plain silly.

Peculiarities. These include a few different types: words with funny definitions; words with funny etymologies; words with surprising cognates.

cowb2.gif (173 bytes)Words with silent letters. As well as some quasi-methodological argument that silence is real.

cowb2.gif (173 bytes)Nasty English spelling. For a language poised for international use, English certainly is not well-spelled.

cowb2.gif (173 bytes) Anagrams. Collections of words built from the same letters.

cowb2.gif (173 bytes)Non-adverbs ending in -ly. Most things that end in "ly" are adverbs. These aren't.

cowb2.gif (173 bytes)Verbs ending in -ish. The list, upon reading, has a flavor.

cowb2.gif (173 bytes)Verbs ending in -er. These are similar to the -ishes (parallels by portmanteau) but are considerably more common. A nice list nevertheless.

cowb2.gif (173 bytes)Verbs ending in -ort. A must-see!

cowb2.gif (173 bytes)Past tense of verbs ending in 'a'. If one can tuba, then has one tubaed or tubad?

cowb2.gif (173 bytes)More orts. What else to say?

cowb2.gif (173 bytes)Fairly long words without repeating letters. I started this list a long time ago; it's grown since I wrote a little program to find more.

cowb2.gif (173 bytes) Relatively long words with few repeating letters

cowb2.gif (173 bytes) Words with lots of adjacent vowels

cowb2.gif (173 bytes) Fairly long words having only one vowel

cowb2.gif (173 bytes)Collections of words which do not share letters. Rather like "the quick brown fox jumped...", but without multiple occurrences of letters. English, French, and Russian attempts.


 References include the online version of the 1913 Webster's , the 1911 Webster's unabridged, the online edition at Merriam-Webster's web site and others.

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