Alphabetic Aphorisms
(copyright 1986, 1999 by David Dailey. Feel free to redistribute text,
provided contents are left unaltered.)
Four criteria in effect are: Apology: not all of the following aphorisms obey all four criteria.

An amusing analysis actually alleviates anxiety.

By building barriers, beliefs become betrayed.

Casual candor can create catastrophes.

Dangerous dealings demand discretion.

Every earnest endeavor eliminates emptiness.

Fanciful feuds follow from familiar foundations.

Grand goals gather glorious gains.

Hurrying hastens heartache.

In ignoring imagination, industry is intolerant.

Jaded judgments justify jealous jabbering.

Kindness keeps knowledge's keys.

Laziness leaves little latitude.

Mentioning mistakes may make more misunderstandings.

Not noticing new nuances neglects nature's novelty.

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