Anagrams -- words that share letters,  permuted.

These were created by dpd using the program discussed here as applied to the dictionary discussed here. The links at the left lead to complete sets of such words. Shown at right are some of the author's favorites -- these tend to be those for which the length of any shared substring is small.

Mutual anagrams with 4 letters a few good fours
awry wary
cone once
diet edit tide tied
gory gyro orgy
chin inch
coin icon
hewn when
Five letter anagrams my favorite fives
braid rabid
canoe ocean
caper recap
caret cater crate react trace
cause sauce
macho mocha
attic tacit
knead naked
pedal plead
glare lager large regal
earth heart
ample maple
leapt petal plate pleat
early layer relay
Here are
the sixes
my favorite sixes
airman marina
alumna manual
bridal ribald
bather breath
braise rabies
binary brainy
canter nectar recant trance
dearth hatred thread
ashore hoarse
armpit impart
anoint nation
grudge rugged
nudity untidy
herpes sphere
selves vessel
meteor remote
ignore region
enlist listen silent tinsel
impure umpire
suture uterus
The sevens some surprising sevens
assuage sausage
bizarre brazier  
cocaine oceanic
decimal declaim medical
caterer retrace terrace  
miracle reclaim
caliper replica        
lattice tactile    
capitol coalpit  optical topical
disease seaside
admirer married
avenger engrave
allergy gallery regally
megaton montage
elation toenail
latrine reliant retinal
irately reality
remains seminar
amenity anytime
senator treason 
nastily saintly
bedroom boredom
kitchen thicken
compile polemic
fretful truffle
fighter freight
groupie pirogue
smother thermos 
pointer protein
The eights my favorite eights
archaism charisma
drainage gardenia 
aspirate parasite
alarming marginal
arrogant tarragon
demeanor enamored
generate teenager
integral relating triangle
emphasis misshape
terminal tramline
mutilate ultimate
oriental relation
littoral tortilla
royalist solitary
bordello doorbell
boneless noblesse
creditor director
discover divorces
goldmine modeling
minutely untimely
Nine letter anagrams my favorite nines
bacterial calibrate
carthorse orchestra
coastline sectional
unaltered unrelated
deflation defoliant
argentine tangerine
heartsome horsemeat
patroness transpose
procedure reproduce
continued unnoticed
introduce reduction
dissenter tiredness
Ten letters my favorite tens
antagonist stagnation
decimation medication
coordinate decoration
dictionary indicatory
excitation intoxicate
graphology logography
indiscreet indiscrete iridescent
percussion supersonic
impressive permissive
persistent prettiness
Elevens my favorite elevens
considerate desecration
incorporate procreation
colonialist oscillation
enumeration mountaineer