weaving, knitting, knotting, tiling: various experiments I've done over 40+ years

weaving pictures

knotty codes1 -- type a message and try alphabet a5

knotty codes2

wallpaper generation -- type a few characters in the text area

foreground conclusions -- art?

All below use SVG

gradient weave

funky recombinant tiling

braided squares

braided triangles

moving jigsaw with pixel permutations -- alas this still only runs in IE with Adobe plugin for SVG (extra credit if you can get it running elsewhere)







Background: When I was a young man living in the Southwestern US,  immersing myself in the sunshine and enchantment of my native terrain, I built an inkle loom and wove some belts and a hatband. I was fascinated by how changing how the threads rose and fell through the warp could change the design of the fabric. I could see how loom-makers invented proto-computers! Knot-theory, knit-theory and weave-theory were all pretty cool. Then in grad school a large part of my doctoral dissertation focused on planar four regular graphs: something my friend Tom Head called flat knots.