Top-aligned and other types of text alignment

As one may see in the SVG1.1. specification, many Indic languages use a "line of alignment" near the top of the glyphs rather than the bottoms of the glyphs as is typical with western fonts.

This nice treatment by Beto Mendoza exhibits some of the basic properties of fonts.

Here is my first attempt at using script to "top-align" text . Look how truly awful the browsers seem to do at this: screen shots of five browsers' renditions of the file at left. IE+ASV comes closest to what I desire here. Please let me know if you see a better way of doing this with script and/or markup!

The following examples were variously found by my kids or me one afternoon in Western PA, or by students Kristin Mangus and Andrew Fox, or by me poking around a it looking at calligrams and shape poems.

Top-aligned text in the Wild: (note: these examples do not constitute an endorsement by anyone -- they also show conformance of glyphs to shapes)

Alignment of glyphs to a curve, a pair of curves, or a shape:

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