SVG -- Textures and Scenes (For Internet Explorer/ASV and Opera9.23*)
created by David Dailey

Generic Textures

Stationary Animated
  1. stucco walls
  2. marble
  3. water **
  4. sky
  5. wood
  6. wrought iron
  7. earth (the kind beneath our feet, not this)
  1. flame
  2. fire
  3. pool of water
  4. flowing water -- several attempts
  5. aurora**
  6. lava lamp**
  7. clouds**
  8. smoke*


  1. wrought iron on stucco
  2. mountains with sky (This actually works in Firefox 1.5 too)
  3. abstract snowfall
  4. pond ripples ***
  5. on general principle ***
  6. rotations -- log rolling
  7. bead curtain & seaweed
  8. spotlights

Tilings and Patterns

  1. Pulsing triangles **
  2. Rotating triangles **
  3. Asynchronous pulsating triangles **
  4. Kissing triangles
  5. Glow mountains
  6. Sunrise in Tokyo
  7. hex tiling
  8. triangle quilt
  9. origami dance
  10. triangle delight
  11. honey clover
  12. a quasi-random tiling for which the dual of the network defined over the tiles is four-regular but nondeterministic
     (I botched up the mouse events for Opera though).

see also (HTML) or

or weaving two pictures together with an arbitrary stitch pattern chosen by the user PictureWeaver (pre SVG )

* Ones marked with asterisks are not working under Opera 9.23 or 9.5 alpha-- I'm not sure if is my fault or Opera's.

** These are not working under Opera 9.23 but are under Opera 9.5 alpha

*** These worked under Opera 9.23 but aren't under 9.5

Please send to me (davidDotdaileyAtsruDotedu)

Rules: Generally I would consider simpler to be better and SMIL to be better than script. Running in more browsers is better too.

Dailey's main SVG page  also a diverse assortment of examples