Dailey's Fancier SVG stuff

Some work only in Internet Explorer with Adobe plugin(*)

Moving Ovals

Stars as clip paths 

Image scrambler/ motion picture jigsaw *

Image distortion *

Rotation of image and clip

Hot air balloon

Moire eggballs

Pond ripples over user-chosen image (though the HTMLWG seems to have broken the "user-chosen" part)

Kaleidoscopic decahedra

Toroidal embedding of random four-regular graphs *

or the same thing without HTML (but with a bit of bugginess)

Mexican hat cyclone meets assessment bureaucracy *

pattern with rippling gradientripplepattern2*

experiment with cloning eggs

* -- Works in either Opera or Firefox (in addition to IE/ASV3). Opera supports SMIL; Firefox supports scripting; neither supports both.