Dailey's examples of SVG at work (and play):

  1. floral ovals
  2. Bezier flotation device with nondeterministic landscape
  3. distortion of image affected by mouse
  4. customized ripples
  5. reflected gradients with SMIL
  6. dynamically built animations and clip-paths with image scrambling
  7. Textures and scenes including wrought iron on stucco
  8. Starflake expressway
  9. Sunrise in Tokyo
  10. Tessellated texture
  11. hyper jelly
  12. flame
  13. fried egg billiards
  14. filling the browser window with clickable hexagons
  15. Text crawling over bezier
  16. New content placed on bezier
  17. Non-linear gradients
  18. Color picker
  19. SVG drawing package
  20. Serializing an SVG document from HTML
  21. Graph drawing for mobile networks
  22. Hundreds of examples from Dailey (http://srufaculty.sru.edu/david.dailey/svg/SVGAnimations.htm)