Other sites for learning about SVG
A collection of SVG references

An SVG Primer for Today's Browsers -- W3C Working Draft

SVG 1.1 Specification from World Wide Web Consortium - 2011

What parts of SVG are supported where - caniuse.com

Learn SVG -- edited by Jon Frost with contributions from others

Carto.net -- from Andreas Neumann and Andre Winter, an extensive and authoritative site,  particularly relevant to the cartographic and GIS communities.

SVG animation --this is a rather sprawling, somewhat disorganized site with hundreds of examples, from David Dailey.

includes: a bucketful , edges of plausibility ,  CooL tests , Animation Galorie


SVG - MDN -- from Mozilla

SVG - dedicated blog -- some intensely clever examples from Marek Raida

SVG Magazine
Samples at SVG-Whiz -- several clever and well written examples from Doug Schepers.

SVG-developers list -- a discussion list from Yahoo.com

Mozilla SVG Status -- from Mozilla and Firefox

How to create SVG using DOM from xml.apache.org

testing SVG Mime types (from planetSVG by Doug Schepers)

JavaScript and the Document Object Model from IBM

SVG Zone from Adobe® Systems. Old but noteworthy,

SVG Authoring Guidelines -- from Jonathan Watt --important for making SVG w/ JavaScript work in both IE/Adobe and Firefox/Opera/Safari/Konqueror/etc.

KevLinDev/SVG -- some quite sophisticated examples from Kevin Lindsey Software Development

Pilat Informative Educative: SVG - PHP - MySQL - JavaScript -- An excellent set of examples and explanations.

Ce site était écrit en français, mais tu peux lire le SVG la même si c'est anglais, n'est-ce pas?

Using SVG to visualize OWL files (a Semantic Web Project)

Notes from a W3C course on SVG; week1, week2, the other weeks as I find time.