SVG - Scalable Vector Graphics: Overview & Status

DevCon5 -- July 2011 -- David Dailey

What and why is SVG?

Scalable See zoom.svg
W3C (open) standard From the World Wide Web Consortium. (They brought us HTML, CSS, XML, etc.)
Client-side graphics Light impact on web-servers. Think: Dynamic Graphical Content!
JavaScript/CSS/AJAX/DOM Technologies already familiar to web programmers
SMIL, onboard A W3C standard supporting multimedia and animation for non-programmers
Accessible  Imagery "readable" by humans and search engines. Anyone can view the source.
Some overlap with
Flash or Silverlight
But better!  Nonproprietary, cross-platform, XML and interoperable with  W3C standards.
Web applications Suitable for incorporation with HTML5, web-based applications.
Learning about it Excellent reference materials!

Where it is?

  1. Opera (since 2005) --  includes <foreignObject> & <video>
  2. Firefox (since 2006)
  3. Apple Safari (since 2007)
  4. Google Chrome (since 2008)
  5. Internet Explorer 9 (2011! -- with Adobe plugin, since 2003)
  6. Konqueror, Safari, Inkscape, Adobe Illustrator, Apache Batik, Visio, etc.
  7. 1 billion cell phones and other mobile devices (Nokia, Ikivo, Bitflash, I-phone, Sony Ericsson, Qualcomm chipsets, etc.).
  8. World's busiest pedestrian intersection (Shibuya station Tokyo) Asia and Europe
  9. IPTV, CNN news ticker,etc.
  10. To come -- refrigerators, interactive billboards, light shows, score boards, eyeglasses, jewelry, clothing.
  11. Applications in science, art, business, geography

Handful of Examples

Bucket of Examples

Lots of Eamples