SVG in the browser

  1. Internet Explorer -- This link from Adobe® Systems provides downloads which can make SVG visible in Internet Explorer.

  2. Opera 9.6 --  Since March of 2005, Opera has provided native support for SVG . It now provides the broadest support of any browser.
  3. Firefox 3 -- provides native support for many SVG objects with JavaScript. It does not yet support SMIL or some filter effects, but it does support most basic SVG including gradients.
  4. Safari -- Providing basic support for SVG (but not yet filters or SMIL), Safari, from Apple, runs very fast on either Macs or Windows machines.
  5. Chrome -- Google's new web browser based on the same WebKit engine that underlies Safari, is very fast. Google has indicated a strong interest in SVG as a web technology.
  6. i-Phone and other cell phones -- according to estimates, SVG hardware is now aboard more than 600,000 mobile devices. The i-phone implementation is slow but it works!

See this article for some cross browser comparisons