Student submissions for a public domain imagery project in CpSc 217

Images of churches from Brenda Dougherty (Spring '00) and Religious buildings and figures by Brenda Dougherty from The Catholic Encyclopedia (1913) and English Monastic Life (1904).

Birds of Northeastern America by Heather Honerkamp (Spring '00) from: "Bird Life" , 1920, by Frank M. Chapman.

Images of the Phillipines by Lynn Alcantara (Spring '00) from The Philippines Yesterday and Today(1919) The Philippines (1921) The Philippines Island (1925).

Travel to China by Jaclyn Soh (Spring '00) from China and Her People by The Hon. Charles Denby LL.D.(1905); The Coming China by Joseph King Goodrich (1911) and The Spell of China by Archie Bell (1917).

Wildflowers of America by Nicole George (Spring '00) from Field Book of American Wild Flowers by F. Schuyler Matthews, 1906, Knickerbocker Press.

Image Garden: leaves, fruit and trees, by Peter Hanson (Spring '00) from Pack, Charles Lathrop., Trees as Good Citizens, Washington, D.C.: The American Tree Association, 1922; Peterson, Maude Gridley, How to Know Wild Fruits, illus. Mary Elizabeth Herbert. New York: The Macmillan Company, 1923. Keeler, Harriet L., Our Native Trees, New York: Charles Scribner's Sons, 1900.

Selected portraits with thumbnails from the University of Texas Portrait Gallery, by Scott Marshall.