Edwin Abbey's Harrisburg


These images are taken from the monograph about Edwin Abbey:  Edwin Austin Abbey, Royal Academician, The Record of His Life and Work, by E.V. Lucas, 1921, London: Methuen and Company Limited, New York: Charles Scribner's Son. The thumbnail for Science has been composited with the engraving from a photo I took of the work in the State Capitol.

Abbey was commissioned by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to create several works for the state capitol building and today adorn the interior of the impressive structure in Harrisburg. Some of his works, notably Apotheosis of Pennsylvania were left partially unfinished on his death in 1911. His friend John Singer Sargent helped oversee the completion of the work, apparently in the same year. The book by Lucas contains a postscript concerning the details of Sargent's involvement as relayed by Mrs. E. A. Abbey.

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