Playing the Tablas Randomly
using JavaScript

infinitely many compositions by David Dailey (and you can help)

An array of the filenames of the sounds is first declared. Then a string of HTML containing an <embed> for each is built into a <div> tag. A window.setTimeout is then used to select a random sound and to play it for a random amount of time until the next voice is added.
The core method for activating the sounds (in a cross-browser fashion) is taken (with permission) directly from an excellent treatment of the subject at
The 10 table samples used are taken from the FreeSound project and distributed under the Creative Commons License.
Sample Pack 117: Tabla 126 bpm by RHumphries
Sample File:
	Name: "rbh 126bpm tabla 07.wav"
	Date of upload: 2005-05-10 11:34:13
Designer / Creator / Uploader:
	Name: "RHumphries"
	By "RHumphries" : 126bpm 4/4. 1 measure of a different groove. recorded with a pair of Neumann TLM 103s into protools.

	indian music percussion tabla