JavaScript -- Fun and Games
A sampling of various projects (complete and otherwise)-- See copyright notice.
More on Edwin Abbey's Science
Dailey's picture weaver.   2^n weaving patterns, and not all knots are for naught.
  35 ways of identifying 8 points on the edge of a square. Just enough for an alphabet.

generating quasi-random wallpaper.

a metabrowser

Who needs MSpowerpoint when you've got Dailey's metabrowser? 
takes a picture and turns it into a moving jig-saw puzzle via a random permutation or a user-defined encryption. (Uses SVG, but only working in IE/ASV)   Derivative artwork is one of the exclusive rights of the copyright holder, so is this software naughty?  Nah, it's just like a photocopier -- good things or bad could be done.
Customizing SVG color gradients to ripple across an image, and thereby, deform it. Nizhoni, da'.
  The beholder is in the eye... wait, I'm confused.

Moiré patterns   --  Here's a version which requires lots of hertz.

moire interference pattern (9975 bytes)

A simple animation studio allowing the user to swap frames from local storage into a small frame sequence. This used to work, until the standards mob broke the web.   A movie is worth a gigaword.
  While it may appear that some people who were, should never have been, perhaps some who never were should have been.

Face blender

image warper

Then again, you can love the one you're with.

an eely bezier essay

  Is eely even an adjective? Uses VML, so IE only.
Modeling the exploratory object document; documenting the objective model exploration; objectifying the model exploratory documentation. It's all rather convoluted, n'est-ce pas?  

Exploring the 

y las addendas o los addendos?

JavaScript and Java
Weaving: Simple weaving patterns. Also: Tiling the plane with simple graphs (or knots) and their rotations. 
Message scrambler -- involving transposition ciphers and a knotty alphabet.
An animation using image slices -- It illustrates the productions of a type 3 grammar as simulated by its finite state diagram.
A spreadsheet for statistical demonstrations.
Java animation applets: Material is first drawn to a "background screen" to reduce the flicker otherwise found if the screen were repainted step-by-step on each refresh. This example draws a sine wave.  This does something similar but with a bivariate sinusoidal.

Something similar but with VML and JavaScript.

Using  threads and interactivity, this Java applet creates a path of triangular tiles based on user input delivered through text fields.
Exploring non-associative groupoids in Java.

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