Click anywhere but the button to make a new object.

Key aspects of code:

A[n]=new kindofobject(n,x,y); 		//this actually creates a new object of class "kindofobject"
		//when done A[n].num=n; A[n].x=x; A[n].y=y and A[n].t is its date
function kindofobject(i,x,y){		//this populates the object with properties: 
	this.num=i; 			//the number of the object
	this.x=x; 			//the x and y coordinates of the 
	this.y=y; 			//mouse click
	t=new Date();			//a date stamp
	this.t=ts.substring(7,10)+"."+ts.substring(11,12); //put into seconds.100ths