JavaScript Tutorial

Introduction to JavaScript
Dr. David Dailey

Examples of 
JavaScripts and Java Applets



1. Getting Started

Making and seeing web documents  Basic HTML 

2.  Pictures, links, laws -- The relative and the absolute -- addresses and misdemeanors.

3.  Basic imaging -- How do I describe thee? Let me find a tag.

4.  Slicing, rollovers, forms -- Can an egg roll better when sliced?

5.  Random numbers, events -- What just happened? Is it likely to happen again?

6. Strings and time -- Is time a string of events or are events globs of time?

7. Basic objects and events -- A widget, a gadget, a doodad.

8. Document.write, windows, frames -- Glimpsing the script dynamic.

9. Introduction to animation -- A movie is worth a thousand popcorns.

10. Animation in windows -- I don't do windows.

11. Cookies -- Though the bard might favor a sweetbread, we recommend the vegetarian variety.

12. Other technologies -- What?

13. Tasks -- Performing various tasks in JavaScript (sorting, writing files, drawing lines, etc.)

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