Finding your class web folder.

1. Open up "My computer" on the desktop by double clicking on it. A window should open showing the various drives that are accessible to you. 

Note: if My Computer is not visible from the desktop, then go to the "Start" button and choose "Computer" from the right side of the menu that appears.

2. Open the "Z:" drive (also known as "webfiles (\\msfwww01)" )by double clicking on it.


3. You should see the contents of the "Z:" drive in a window. Double click on sruwebclasses.

4. You should see a listing of the class folder for your class (E.g.  CS-130-03.0112, or CS300-03.0112 ).

The name of the folder will correspond to the course number and section number of your class.

5. Open your class folder (by double clicking). Inside it should be a folder with your username on it. This folder should allow you and your instructor to view or create files inside it.

6. To see an HTML document that you place in your folder, use a URL constructed as follows:
	That is the course number - section number . semester year
			(eg. 130) -  (eg. 03 ).(0112)

The entire URL will thus look like (as an example)

7. To view this page, use your regular windows account username and password when prompted. The domain (if asked) should be SRUNET.