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Hello from David Dailey! I'm a professor emeritus at Slippery Rock University. Despite teaching some courses in SRU's Computer Science department during the acadmic year, 2017-18, and at Grove City College in Spring 2018, I'm now (as of Fall 2018) officially retired. I should say I'm retired from the teaching part of my faculty duties, though I'm still actively involved in research of various sorts.  I'm always willing to lecture on any of a couple of dozen topics of varying degrees of obscurity, on the one hand, to raw practicality on the other. Please holler if you'd like to invite me to visit your campus or company! 

My teaching and research interests are in areas of information technology, mathematics, linguistics, imagery, cognition, and interdisciplinary studies. I can be reached at Here's a curriculum vita

Recent courses include these: Spring '18: CpSc207,  CpSc217; Fall '17 courses:  CpSc337, CpSc456. Older courses: CS427, CS317, CS130


Other work (in progress):

Here's a link to my most recent stuff on tessellation (tiling).
Here's some recent stuff on lexicography.
some recent research. research that is ongoing
JavaScriptmy numbers,  a program for drawing graphs
the engraver's insight , something vaguely seasonal. &  graph drawing for mobile networks

Fun stuff:

Includes How I spent my summer vacation
moire interference pattern (9975 bytes) Jane Austen-Markov eggs in space(18160 bytes)
Curiosités JavaScript Jane Austen's Randemma. arts & crafts

Here are some public domain images
from the 1911 Webster's Unabridged Dictionary  (by Merriam Webster, Springfield, MA):

small red fire engine

Words & Such
Hyper-hyphen : a hypertext dictionary 
-- every word is a hyperlink (for IE, Netscape, Firefox) .
Look up in Hyper-hyphen

Lexical Command Center- using synonymy and morphological co-occurrence:  

random crossword puzzles

Voici:  Quaint lists of words .

The ever popular aphorisms
definition of impressionism circa 1911
definition of impressionism circa 1911

Random place names -- sorta like in the US

Exercise in mapping (AJAX, SVG and PHP)


While intellectual property law might seem a dull subject,  it is the place where the information age runs smack into feudalism. (Remember how the Saxons used the alphabet to claim ownership of all things Pict?) It is the branch of the law that allows me to reverse-engineer your thought process, then to patent it and charge you royalties for your continued use. It is a collection of inconsistencies spawned by committees and lobbyists, in perpetuity and throughout the universe. What could be more fun?

Dailey on copyright  golden.gif (5415 bytes)

You might also take a glance at Grazing rights in the public domain to investigate some of the 
legal curiosities concerning imagery and the law.
Also: copyright vs. public interest

This sort of speculation together with my recent foray into working with W3C web standards, have gotten me to thinking a bit more about democracy, consensus, and decision making.

Postscript and quote

Send comments to . See copyright notice. Images on these pages are drawn (or otherwise created) by the author, except for these reliances on public domain work:

*Science, composited from two works by Edwin Abbey (commissioned as work by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, for the state capitol building): one of a photo of the finished work in Harrisburg (© 1911); the other a scan of an engraving of Abbey's sketches (© 1907-08) contained in Life and Work of Edwin Austin Abbey, R. A. by E.V. Lucas(© 1921).

Small red fire engine: false colorized from  Webster's 1911 engraving of a fire engine.

and Impressionism scanned from the Webster's 1911 definition of the term..

The (3,3,4,3,4) tiling employed as background, while embodied as a particular and original expression here, dates from early in the previous millenium, appearing in North African architecture.