CS 456 -- Introduction to Computer Graphics

Week 1

The syllabus.

About the class:

Where to put your work:  programs and assignments should be placed in your space for this class under sruwebclasses.sru.edu

How to hand in your work:

  1. Send e-mail to me containing, as text, the URL of the appropriate page(s) on Z: .
  2. The subject line of the e-mail should contain the course number (456), followed by your last name, followed by the assignment number, e.g.:
                        456 Fillmore #1
  3. No e-mail attachments! Ever!
Something cool (and new):
Newly deciphered tablet shows that Babylonians discovered trig 1500 years before the Greeks

First week: overview of the class and some of its topics

Web standards for graphics: HTML, CSS, SVG, WebGL
vectors and pixels
bits per pixel, spatial resolution
dithering and anti-aliasing
Color systems for computers: RGB, CMYK,  HSL, CIE Indexed Color
Human vision and color perception
Coordinate systems and the screen.
Bzier curves, polygons, paths
gradients, clipping and masks
translation, rotation, scaling 
2.5D and illusion (fun: tangles and paradox)
Vector spaces
affine and perspective transformations
texture, noise, fractals, shaders
tessellation (note, in particular, the last link here. )
interaction and animation
computational geometry

Examples to consider:
x-y coordinates
the class web page (note use of gradient, CSS, interaction)
centering things (JavaScript, CSS, SVG)
rotation (2D, 3D, CSS, SVG)

Assigned Reading-- the class web page and links leading from it.

"Reading" for the purposes of this class, requires understanding the material sufficiently to 

Week 1:
Assignment #1. Due Friday, September 1: Send email (using the proper format) to the instructor verifying that your class web space exists and that you can put document(s) in it.

Something cool

Animated glass cow (discussed in link below)