CS 427 -- Interface Design

Week 1

The syllabus.

About the class:

the final project The due dates may mutate a bit. The list of projects may grow (or shrink) as the semester progresses. These are shown to give an idea of the sorts of projects that will be included as possibilities. 

various roles in web development -- team leader, programmer, graphics specialist, interface designer, documentation, tester/evaluator, etc.

where to put your work: unix shell / cgi programs should be placed in your account on granite/obsidian in ~yourusername/public_html/cgi. Ordinary web web work (HTML, PHP,  and JavaScript) should be either on granite/obsidian in ~yourusername/public_html or on the Z: drive.

Important -- How to hand in your work -- Important

failure to follow these steps may result in a grade of zero for any assignment:

  1. Send e-mail to me containing, as text, the URL of the appropriate page(s) on Z: or on granite/obsidian.
  2. The subject line of the e-mail should contain the course number (427), followed by your last name, followed by the assignment number, e.g.:
                        427 Fillmore #1
  3. When server-side scripts are used, include the source code in the text of your email and make sure the source code has world read privileges.
  4. No e-mail attachments! Ever!

Beginning reference material

Finding your class web folder on the class web server.

color scheme explorer1 and color scheme explorer 2  -- discussion

Three ways of rewriting documents:

document.write and innerHTML and appendChild( )

Making an editor in the browser

Editing and displaying JavaScript, HTML, and SVG

Assignment #1: By Friday Jan 23th: verify the status of

  1. your e-mail account
  2. your granite/obsidian account
  3. your cgi directory
  4. your account for 427 on Z:

E-mail me (using the proper format), the status of these things

Assignment #2: Due Friday Jan 30th:  Wednesday Feb. 4th.

Assigned Reading (to complete by week 3) -- understand the material sufficiently to be able to a) explain it, b) be tested on it and c) review literature relevant to your final project.

Hypertext Maps by Mark Bernstein from Hypertext Now.

Joel Spolsky on "Mile high menu bars"

Fitt's law -- fundamental research on human factors in interface design

Human factors from Wikipedia (look up any words or terms that you don't know)

User interface design from Wikipedia

Usability from Wikipedia

Something cool