Various readings and references

Three texts on user interface:

About Face: The Essentials of User Interface Design, Alan Cooper, IDG Books Worldwide, 1995.

Human Performance Engineering, Robert W. Bailey, Prentice Hall, 1996.

Human-Computer Interaction, Alan Dix, Finlay, Aboud & Beale, Prentice Hall, 1998.

Useful links:

Usable Web -- "785 links about web usability"

The AlertBox -- "current issues in web usability"

HCI Sites -- links on Human Computer Interaction from ACM's SIGCHI

HCI at Stanford -- the graduate programs at Stanford are headed by Terry Winograd -- probably the  most noted authority in the field. Check out the Stanford Interactive Workspaces Project and the Stanford Digital Libraries Technology Project.

Bailey library:

The Bailey library has extensive databases of main stream academic journals. Many are available in full-text form so that you may actually read the up-to-date article from the comfort of your computer.

Bailey library -- main page


E-zines (reputable):

ACM interactions magazine -- from the Association for Computing Machinery  -- I think we can now gain access to this through Bailey Library.

In Bailey library:

  1. Journal of experimental psychology. Learning, memory, and cognition.
  2. Learning and motivation.
  3. Cognitive psychology.
  4. Memory & cognition.
  5. Communications of the ACM.
  6. Computers in society.
  7. IBM systems journal.
  8. Journal of the Association for Computing Machinery.


navigation -- taxonomy, cataloging and classification, indexing, searching, hypertext link structures

Rapid Navigation in OnLine Documents by Michael Hoffman

accessibility -- readability, disability, culture, gender, language

Eye Tracking Study of Web Readers

human cognition & perception -- the nervous system, learning & memory, problem solving

social issues -- collaboration, workgroup dynamics

evaluation -- qualitative and quantitative methods

design -- from aesthetics to marketing

maintenance -- coding issues, multiple authorship, site consistency,

history and case studies--

Graphical User Interface Gallery

MouseSite - from Stanford University -- a site exploring the history of human computer interaction

Interface Hall of Shame