Weeks 7 - 9
SVG text. masks, patterns, filters and animation

One more example with gradients (also #14)

Text and more text and visual entendre (typographic puns) -- consider accessibility

Pattern and more

Masks and clipPaths -- more mask (from textbook) -- fancy clipPath

SVG animation

Filters (examples from text)

The Graphical Web -- complex SVG example

Some newer experiments:

Peeling an apple declartively: http://cs.sru.edu/~ddailey/svgtests/gradientStroke1d.svg also animated dash-offset on trefoil http://cs.sru.edu/~ddailey/svg/cssSVGrotate3.htm Not for IE, but okay in Chrome, Opera, Firefox, I think. (thanks to students for reminding me of link!) (see problems with gradients across browsers: http://cs.sru.edu/~ddailey/svg/StrokeEffects.jpg )


moving element in clipPath

random stars

rotating things in HTML


over and under in a knot-like thing


Assignment #5 -- Due date was postponed from Friday Oct. 13 to Monday October 16th

Quiz 1:   Friday October 20th -- Open book, open computer. Some multiple choice, some essay (i.e., building code). Covering everthing we've covered to that date.

 Assignment #6 --  Due: Wednesday November 1st.
Create an SVG animation that animates all of the following concurrently (and with different durations)
Assignment #7 -- Due circa mid November. SVG with JavaScript. Make an HTML document containing a textarea, three buttons (labeled 'ellipse' 'rectangle', and 'path' and an SVG. The SVG should occupy the right half of the screen, regardless of screen-size. When any button is clicked, a random example (having random coordinates within the SVG and being stroked and filled with  random colors ) of that SVG element should be drawn, with its SVG markup (code) being written into the textarea.

Final Project -- due when the final exam (if we had one) would begin.  initial notes