Weeks 10 +

Important: Quiz Monday November 20

Final Project: Due Friday Dec. 15th 8:00 a.m.  The details

one way to start a drawing project (work from Dec. 1)
Dragging objects:
example3 has a bit of lagginess in Firefox that wasn't there in 2005.
alternative philosophy: statelessness / context sensitivity (see example)

Assignment #7
-- Due Friday, November 17th Monday, Nov. 20. SVG with JavaScript. Make an HTML document containing a textarea, three buttons (labeled 'ellipse' 'rectangle', and 'path' and an SVG. The SVG should occupy the right half of the screen, regardless of screen-size. When any button is clicked, a random example (having random coordinates within the SVG and being stroked and filled with  random colors ) of that SVG element should be drawn, with its SVG markup (code) being written into the textarea.

Finishing filters

Random SVG examples

Viewbox and fitting to the screen