Weeks 2 and 3 -  Javascript review: strings, forms, user-interface

Resetting your UNIX prompt, so it shows what directory you are in.

Assignment#2 Due Wednesday Sept. 14

A script which writes simple cells, inputs, links and divs (with parameters)

A more clever version.

slicing in Photoshop

JavaScript review: 

Basic string handling routines

Checking input from forms in JavaScript

How big is the screen? and changing the location of something

Putting something at the location of the mouse

Frames and windows

Probing functions

Array management -- push, pop, shift, unshift, sort, concat, slice, splice, split, and join.

Associative arrays

Beginning our review of Linux

Lab exercises --

#1 Write a shell script which takes an integer, n<10,  as input and builds an n x n multiplication table written in html in your own public_htm directory.


echo $1 is the number you gave me.
echo "<html><table border=1>"
while [ $count -lt $1 ]
echo "<tr><td>"$count"</td></tr>"
count=`expr $count + 1`

#2 Write a shell script which prints each input parameter on a separate line, with each line beginning with the parameter number.

The program would run as shown here:

./param a aardvark b 12 ragweed
1 a
2 aardvark
3 b
4 12
5 ragweed

Assignment #3: To be announced