Weeks 10 - 12

Important dates:

Week of October 31 - Nov. 4:

I will be in England, so use the time to work on assignment 5 and your final project(s).

Monday, October 31st will be covered by Dr. Seetan. 
Wednesday, November 2nd will be covered by Dr. Sukhija

Friday November 4th, this time is left uncovered, but the classroom will be available as a lab for work on assignment 5 and your final project. I encourage attending for the sake of discussing your various ideas for the final project.

Assignment 5 -- Now due November 7th.

Make-classes for Administrative SNAFU 

Monday November 14- concept of final project.

Monday December 1st --  progress report concerning final project

Begnning of time for final exam -- due moment for final project

Discussion of final projects

Discussion of AI -- search techniques and state evaluation functions

Example 1 and example 2 of state evaluation functions

Mediating two person interaction


Reminder of AJAX

A bit of SVG (SVG Basics)  or excerpt from intro lesson from my W3C course And, if that all makes sense, how about this material from week2 of that course?

Standard SVG template

Something with AJAX and SVG (and HTML and JavaScript and CSS and PHP and Unix Shell and...)

SVG Map of US

Beginning server-side scripting with PHP:

Note: some of the issues of PHP not working on granite were relatively simple configuration issues. Some, however, may be issues of transition from PHP4 to PHP5 (see here and here)

Simple PHP scripts

File handling

Fancier things

More PHP:

PHP reference manual -- excerpts:

pushing and popping -- very much like push and pop in JavaScript

explode -- like split but without regular expression apparatus

substr -- very much like substring in JavaScript but with some differences

Note that the command

echo rand(5, 15);

will return a random integer in the interval 5 to 15 (inclusive).

Optional extra credit. Fix these examples:   running PHP from the command line

Shell things:

some shell utilities for imaging

Assignment #6  Wednesday, November 26th.

Part a:    Develop a PHP page (complete with HTML) which when attached to (via URL in a web browser) presents the user with two <select>'s (named, for example "sBegin" and "sEnd"), each containing the 26 letters of the alphabet. When the user selects a letter from both and then pushes a button, the PHP page returns three strings constructed at random, each of which begins with sBegin.value and ends in sEnd.value (with random letters inserted in between). The page should also contain the two <select>'s so that the user can resubmit another pair of letters. (Note you will have to figure out how to generate random letters of the alphabet within PHP.)

Part b: Develop a PHP page (complete with HTML) which presents the user with a 3 row by 6 column table containing 18 words (one per <TD>) randomly selected (from among all words defined in /home/ddailey/public_html/threefull) . Whenever the user clicks on a word, its part(s) of speech as well as its frequency within the language is returned to the user along with another table of 18 randomly selected words.

Here is a little program to get you started.