Weeks 5 and 6


Ray Kurzweil 

Moore's law  and  atomic transistor

the Semantic Web and Tim Berners-Lee

Assignment #6 (due Wednesday February 25th) : More interaction at Ello, details to be announced, in Ello. In the meantime, be sure to check Ello at least twice this week.

Assignment #7 (due Friday February 27th
) : write a three page paper about a contemporary issue involving information technology in which professional ethics have been questionnable though no apparent crime was committed. Incentive for uniqueness of topic; disincentive for topics that are frequently chosen by others. Submit, the assignment on paper, at the beginning of class on the 27th (no email attachments, EVER!)

See here for what constitutes a set of expectations (not only this instructor's) for an essay in Information Technology/Computer Science.

Quiz : Friday February 27th (everything covered to that date) -- closed book, closed notes, closed internet.

News for thought:
3d pens (and marketing strategy) and printers (and IP implications)
Google glass (and marketing strategy)
High res tablet
Reuters: China claims hacks come from US
http://gigalaw.com/ -- take a look at the recent entries

More reading/viewing assignments:




Crowd accelerated innovation -- crowdsourcing: www.google.com  http://www.openstreetmap.org/ etc.


some links to discuss

David Brin and one of his TED talks and an interview about the Transparent Society