Weeks 3 and 4

Discussion: taxonomies -- biological and information theoretic.  Read article in Wikipedia. Be sure to look up any vocabulary that may be unfamiliar.

Continuation:  intellectual property, ethics and the law

Assignment 3: Due : Monday February 2. Special Instructions for late submissions: 

  1. Remember the format of the subject line for late submissions:  300 YourLastName #3 LATE (as per syllabus and lectures).
  2. If you complete assignment 3 after I email the class with the list of other students' Ello names, then it will be your responsibility to e-mail the class with your Ello name, so people can find you for subsequent assignments.

Notice: If you didn't send me your ello username for Assignment 3, follow instructions above for late submissions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Assignment 4: 

a) By Friday February 6th: 

Post your own summary (in your Ello stream/account) of a recent on-line article about a story that has made news within the past two months. The story mustt be about a contemporary issue pertaining to computing/information technology (including Internet. smart phones, computers etc.) and society. The article should deal with  policy or social issues, emerging trends, or legal complexities. Provide a link (URL) in your Ello post to the story, so that others may read the original story as well. If you don't know how to make a link  learn how to do it. Provide briefly (two or three sentences), your own insights or opinions on the subject.
b) By Monday February 16th : Read at least five of the posts that other students have made for this assignment, and the commentary by other students that follows that post and respond to two or more of those topics, with your own opinions or insights on the topic.
c) By Friday, Monday February 16th: send me email (using the required format) letting my know that you have completed these tasks.

Assignment 5: Ello-things: Due Monday February 16th,

  1. From your Ello account, follow the account cs300sru -- all class account names, that I have received, are followed from there, making it easier for you to find other students in the class. 
  2. Post an "avatar picture" of some sort.
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Ubiquitous computing -- where aren't computers nowadays?

A fairy use tale -- about fair use (from The Center for Internet and Society at Stanford Law School)

1996 Xerox PARC article  Xerox PARC and Mark Weiser

Brief blurb from Science Channel

Corning: Day Made of Glass I and Corning: Day of Glass II

Kevin Kelly on the next 5000 days of the web (2007)

David Brin and one of his TED talks and an interview about the Transparent Society

MP3s Spells and the Digital Economy 

Marco Tempest: the magic of truth and lies (and iPods)

Another of Hans Robling's statistical demos

World's biggest economies (2014)

SCOTUS  hears case on seed patents

(Companion article, not required reading):  Glyphosate-Based Herbicides Produce Teratogenic Effects on Vertabrates by Impairing Retinoic Acid Signaling


Ray Kurzweil 

Moore's law See also:  Neil Trevett's presentation at DevCon5

the Semantic Web and Tim Berners-Lee

Copyright infringement a form of terrorism?
Net neutrality