Weeks 3 - 4 -- Beginning Linux/UNIX

Assignment #2 -- Due Monday, February 12th.  Friday February 16th.

Useful things:

Redirect, head, tail, wc, chmod and piping.

echo, cut, and paste

Assignment #3 - Beginning UNIX exercises (part 2) -

due date: TBA

Same instructions as always.

A bit deeper into Linux
touch, echo, clear, logging, history

pwd - issue this command to find out where you are -- useful following 'cd dirname'

grep -- to look for a string within a file or group of files (A note on dictionaries: the '/' at the beginning of   "/usr/share/dict/linux.words" allows that file to be referenced from within your own directory..)

greplings -- some of the work done in class Monday the 12th.

regular expressions 

more cat -- cat file1 file2 > file3 Similar to (part of) what I did in class Friday, Feb. 2

clear -- clears the screen

Logging a session - Note: The process for using the current telnet client in the lab may vary.

Here's a bit of work I did with the British National Corpus (from the same folks who put together the OED and a story). And here are some multilingual word frequency lists.

We'll also use sort and uniq to play with the data in /home/SRUNET/david.dailey/data/wordstudy/BNCjustwords40583 in class.

history n  -- shows the last n commands you've used

$ history 5
1032 cut -d' ' -f1 $b|head
1033 cut -d' ' -f1 $b|grep o$|wc
1034 grep o' ' $b|head
1035 grep o' ' $b|wc
1036 history 5

here we use grep and wc to investigate the history file a bit (note the use of double piping).

more practice with grep

more grep with sort and paste