Week 2

Review of week 1: Overview of types of software.

And, again,  the basic commands in UNIX.

echo, cut, and paste and head, tail, wc and chmod

Also ASCII (and more ASCII and Unicode)

pictures compression and file formats. and more: identify -list format

Assignment #1B -- ungraded but mandatory (STATUS -- waiting on this until it is actually available)

required assignment: log onto D2L and take the Sophomore survey 

go to D2L, maybe through MySRU or perhaps though https://sru.desire2learn.com/

Once you are in D2L, the Sophomore survey can be found under "Ongoing section -> Computing Students Survey -> More -> Surveys ->  Sophomore Survey - Fall 2016."

screen shot of D2L

.. just click on the survey and follow the instructions from that point on.

Assignment #2 -- Due Monday, February 12th.