Class Resources CpSc 207

References for learning about Windows

Introduction to Computers

Indiana University Knowledge Base A content-searchable directory of information about computing.

How to Use Windows 10 by Avram Piltch for LAPTOP (part of Tom's Guide) -- It looks pretty extensive and well-organized.

Windows 10 quick guide from Newcastle U (Australia) -- a few things you might not know

References for learning UNIX (and/or Linux) -- from the University of Utah -- basic commands

the GNU project started by Richard Stallman is a public-oriented initiative to bring free software to everyone.

UNIX Tutorial for Beginners -- from Surrey University in UK

Shell scripting tutorial from Steve Parker -- a basic step-by-step introductory guide/

 Awk One-Liners Explained -- ebook by Peter Krumins -- nifty and affordable little resource that has lots of good (in the sense of parsimnious and understandable) examples of harnassing awk's power.

UNIX and Linux Commands Help -- from  Computer Hope ("Free computer help since 1998").  Very nicely organized and extensive.

Information about Linux

Linux Desktop 101 From

Linux Commands - Overview and Examples, from