Weeks 4 and 5



Overview of types of software. and  various access issues 

The URL.

Topics to be covered:

HTML: LinksTables, images, and how to do images.

Legal issues concerning imagery and other web-related legal matters, and copyright in general.

Two fun things about copyright law:

A fair(y) use tale from The Center for Internet and Society at Stanford Law School

Should Happy Birthday be protected by copyright? From the Idea Channel at PBS

Starting with Adobe® Photoshop® and a note on file formats

Remember, also, GIMP, and thanks to Matthew Peters for bringing PixlR to my attention !

slicing in Photoshop

Assignment #4: Due Monday Feb. 20th

Use Photoshop or comparable software to draw one picture. Make your drawing as realistic as you can (within the time allotted). Find another picture on the web (WWW) (the "found" picture), for which it is legal for you to download, modify and reuse. Each picture should be either

a) a face s1.jpg (5961 bytes)
b) a tree tree1.jpg (6218 bytes)

Your pictures should each be exactly 400 pixels wide by 300 pixels high, and stored in .jpg format, meaning that you may need to resample and reformat the "found" picture. Slice each picture into four pieces, each 200 by 150 pixels. Create two 2 by 2 tables each containing all four pieces of one picture as content of its table cells.  There should appear no space, gaps nor lines between any of the four pictures in a table as it is viewed in either IE or Firefox. (That is, the pictures should nestle seamlessly next to one another so that the viewer cannot see the edges between them.) Document which picture you created, with a comment below that picture. The other picture should have a) standard academic citation (required to avoid the charge of plagiarism) and b) a complete statement about why it is legal (citing any appropriate statutes and caselaw). As always, place your work in your class folder and email me the URL.

First QuizWednesday Feb. 22nd.-- open book.