Computer Science 130:
Introduction to Programming and Information Systems

Week 1

Course introduction.

The syllabus (handed out in class). Rubrics, bureaucracy and assessment.

A "home page" for the class (

See various references under class resources.

Required format of class-related e-mail. Your e-mail to me should contain, in the SUBJECT LINE the course number: "130" followed by your last name and the assignment number. . If your assignment does not follow this format exactly (using your last name instead of "fishborne" -- Note: your e-mail software, if properly configured, will fill in your name for you, so do not try to convince anyone that you are, in fact, named "jambalaya fishborne"), your grade on that assignment may be zero.

217mail.gif (3972 bytes)
Proper format of subject-line for class-related e-mail

!! On all assignments !! (excluding Assignment #1),

Failure to follow these instructions may result in a grade of zero for affected assignments. It is your responsibility to understand and follow these instructions. 

"Operating systems", "Applications", "Documents", "Content" -- learn the difference.

Overview of types of software.

Web browsing: Internet Explorer (from Microsoft) or Opera or Safari or Chrome or Firefox.

Introduction to web-authoring. See References for learning HTML (particularly Some Notes on HTML) under class resources.

Finding your class web folder on the class web server.

The URL will look (in a general sense) like

A glimpse of JavaScript

The random reading of random text: Quasi-Emma.

Tiling with knots

Various interesting web pages


Throughout the semester you will be responsible for keeping up with the reading assignments on the class web site. You may be asked about it either orally or on exams.

Assignment 1:  Due Friday January 27rd (end of the day). Log into your windows account. Use a web-browser to find the class home page. Check to see if your class folder is available on the class web site. Send e-mail detailing progress on each of these items to the instructor. Grading rubric. Special note: if your class folder is not available, please make sure that your e-mail message states that. By the end of that week, we hope for everyone's folder to exist.

Assignment 2:  Friday Feb. 3rd. Develop a simple web page containing a head (with title), and a body containing some boldface, some italics, some indentation (id est, variation of margins), at least one working link and some text for which both margins and size are varied; put it in your class web space; verify that it is working properly and e-mail me its address (ideally, its URL) (using the required format) to announce that the task is done. Important: there is no reason, ever, in this class to send an e-mail attachment to me. I don't want attachments and you will get a zero on the assignment for not following this instruction!

Note: everthing you need to complete assignment 2 is contained in your required reading. You can access the web server ( from anywhere on campus! I suggest developing your work at home in a comfortable chair and then shuttling to campus for subsequent copying to your class web space!

Reading: Material on class web-site. You are responsible for all information contained in all direct links made from these class pages (those which begin " to any URL that begins "".