Class Resources CpSc 130

References for learning about HTML:

A variety of links to html primers by various authors
Some notes on html by your instructor
HTML5 tutorial: from Duncan Aitken -- a bit verbose, but at least the verbose seems largely accurate (id est his biases tend to coincide largely with my own)
HTML5 from the W3C (the sole body that invented and regulated HTML for most of the past 30 years)

General reference on web design:

Web Style guide -- By Lynch and Horton, hosted previously by Yale University Medical School

References on copyright:

A collection of links to basic material on copyright
Some discussion of imagery, copyright, the public domain, and references to other IP law

References on imagery:

Image file formats
links to public domain imagery

References for learning about JavaScript:

JavaScript Primers from
JavaScript Articles from -- includes extensive discussion of many topics as well as broad-ranging FAQ

JavaScript Basics (by David Dailey, as hosted at W3C -- note, this is still under revision)

Curiosities of Information Technology

Suggestions for other links?

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