U.S. Code Title 15 -- Organization of Chapter 22

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1051. Registration of trade-marks.

(a) Trade-marks used in commerce.

(b) Trade-marks intended for use in commerce.

(c) Amendment of application under subsection (b) to conform to requirements of subsection (a).

(d) Verified statement that trade-mark is used in commerce.

(e) Designation of resident for service of process and notices.

1052. Trade-marks registrable on principal register; concurrent registration.

1053. Service marks registrable.

1054. Collective marks and certification marks registrable.

1055. Use by related companies affecting validity and registration.

1056. Disclaimer of unregistrable matter.

(a) Compulsory and voluntary disclaimers.

(b) Prejudice of rights.

1057. Certificates of registration.

(a) Issuance and form.

(b) Certificate as prima facie evidence.

(c) Application to register mark considered constructive use.

(d) Issuance to assignee.

(e) Surrender, cancellation, or amendment by registrant.

(f) Copies of Patent and Trademark Office records as evidence.

(g) Correction of Patent and Trademark Office mistake.

(h) Correction of applicant's mistake.

1058. Duration of registration.

(a) Affidavit of continuing use.

(b) Registration published under other provisions of law.

(c) Notification of acceptance or refusal of affidavits.

1059. Renewal of registration.

(a) Period of renewal; time for renewal.

(b) Notification of refusal of renewal.

(c) Applicant for renewal not domiciled in United States.

1060. Assignment of mark; execution; recording; purchaser without notice.

1061. Execution of acknowledgments and verifications.

1062. Publication.

(a) Examination and publication.

(b) Refusal of registration; amendment of application; abandonment.

(c) Republication of marks registered under prior acts.

1063. Opposition to registration.

1064. Cancellation of registration.

1065. Incontestability of right to use mark under certain conditions.

1066. Interference; declaration by Commissioner.

1067. Interference, opposition, and proceedings for concurrent use registration or for cancellation; notice; Trademark Trial and Appeal Board.

1068. Action of Commissioner in interference, opposition, and proceedings for concurrent use registration or for cancellation.

1069. Application of equitable principles in inter partes proceedings.

1070. Appeals to Trademark Trial and Appeal Board from decisions of examiners.

1071. Appeal to courts.

(a) Persons entitled to appeal; United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit; waiver of civil action; election of civil action by adverse party; procedure.

(b) Civil action; persons entitled to; jurisdiction of court; status of Commissioner; procedure.

1072. Registration as constructive notice of claim of ownership.


1091. Supplemental register.

(a) Marks registerable.

(b) Application and proceedings for registration.

(c) Nature of mark.

1092. Publication; not subject to opposition; cancellation.

1093. Registration certificates for marks on principal and supplemental registers to be different.

1094. Provisions of chapter applicable to registrations on supplemental register.

1095. Registration on principal register not precluded.

1096. Registration on supplemental register not used to stop importations.


1111. Notice of registration; display with mark; recovery of profits and damages in infringement suit.

1112. Classification of goods and services; registration in plurality of classes.

1113. Fees.

(a) Applications; services; materials.

(b) Waiver; Indian products.

1114. Remedies; infringement; innocent infringement by printers and publishers.

1115. Registration on principal register as evidence of exclusive right to use mark; defenses.

(a) Evidentiary value; defenses.

(b) Incontestability; defenses.

1116. Injunctive relief.

(a) Jurisdiction; service.

(b) Transfer of certified copies of court papers.

(c) Notice to Commissioner.

(d) Civil actions arising out of use of counterfeit marks.

1117. Recovery for violation of rights.

(a) Profits; damages and costs; attorney fees.

(b) Treble damages for use of counterfeit mark.

(c) Election of award of statutory damages.

1118. Destruction of infringing articles.

1119. Power of court over registration.

1120. Civil liability for false or fraudulent registration.

1121. Jurisdiction of Federal courts; State and local requirements that registered trademarks be altered or displayed differently; prohibition.

1121a. Transferred.

1122. Liability of States, instrumentalities of States, and State officials.

(a) Waiver of sovereign immunity.

(b) Remedies.

1123. Rules and regulations for conduct of proceedings in Patent and Trademark Office.

1124. Importation of goods bearing infringing marks or names forbidden.

1125. False designations of origin, false descriptions, and dilution forbidden.

(a) Civil action.

(b) Importation.

(c) Remedies for dilution of famous marks.

1126. International conventions.

(a) Register of marks communicated by international bureaus.

(b) Benefits of section to persons whose country of origin is party to convention or treaty.

(c) Prior registration in country of origin; country of origin defined.

(d) Right of priority.

(e) Registration on principal or supplemental register; copy of foreign registration.

(f) Domestic registration independent of foreign registration.

(g) Trade or commercial names of foreign nationals protected without registration.

(h) Protection of foreign nationals against unfair competition.

(i) Citizens or residents of United States entitled to benefits of section.

1127. Construction and definitions; intent of chapter.