Policies, Rules, Laws, Principles, Aphorisms


SRU Web Policy

Various computing policies in Higher Education -- See also CAUSE, an organization which used to maintain a list of current computing policy statements, but whose website has gotten so slow and unwieldy of late that it is difficult to tell if they still do this or not.


Robert's Rules of Order (PD version)


United States Law -- US Code in its entirety -- from Cornell University Law School

The Pennsylvania Code -- The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania -- the PA code, but no statutes or acts.

Copyright (and other intellectual property) law and opinion


Cybernetic Principles -- from Project Principia Cybernetica: Occam's razor and so forth


Alphabetic Aphorisms

funny aphorisms -- from Intelligent Processing and Manufacturing of Materials


Aesop's Fables (executive edition)

Myths and Legends from Christopher Siren a grad student at U of New Hampshire


not enough bureaucracy in your life?

"If we might assess education into oblivion, maybe it will cease to annoy us so"  -- anonymous

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Policies, Rules, Laws, Principles, Aphorisms, Legalities, Morals?

Truisms come in many flavors. Why group these various sorts of truisms together? They are all epistemological by-products; each has some tendency to self-perpetuate. Law, rules and policies are all imposed upon us by our social and cultural world and are, thus, by-products of belief. Principles are imposed upon us by the physical, mathematical, or practical world. They are by-products of perception. Aphorisms are imposed upon us by the semantic or cognitive world and are, accordingly, by-products of intellect.

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