VIII. Intellectual Property and the Internet

     A. The Collision of Cultures -- the academic playground (the Internet)  is discovered by Congress (circa 1988) by big business (circa 1993)

     B. Intellectual Property -- an oxymoron?

  1. Copyright  (academic dishonesty vs. felony) -- generally speaking only Federal (Title 17)
  2. Trademark U.S. Code: Title 15 Chapter 22  and the basics
  3. Patent (see General Information concerning patents from USPTO)
  4. Trade Secret
  5. other (plant law)
  6. corporate culture
  7. origins of IP (names, likeness, currency, insignia)
  8. the public domain (imagery, open source, copyleft, government, Gutenberg)

     C. Types of law

  1. Statute
  2. Case Law
  3. Treaty
  4. Executive Order (WIPO created, Microsoft and New Hampshire, US Trade & medicine )
  5. State (les droits morales as in Massachusetts; road signs )

     D. Examples

  1. and Perfect 10 v Amazon and Perfect 10 v Google 
  2. Bridgeman v Corel
  3. Feist
  4. Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
  5. Batman, Warner Bros. & Los Angeles Part I and Part II and more on Batman 
  6. Jeff Koons See works involved
  7. pictures and links (more)
  8. flag laws ( original question and followup) -- see discussion here (particularly notes of Gloria Phares)
  9. Cambodian script
  10. the lunatic fringe (more)




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