COMP 361.
Week 2

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How to hand in your assignments:

  1. Some assignments may require email; others may require handing in written material. For those requiring e-mail, send e-mail to me containing plain text (not an attachment) showing your work.  In some cases, the message may consist of answers to questions, in other cases. it will likely require the submission of (programing assignments) your source code. 
  2. For this class, my email address is
Discussed earlier
vectors and pixels 
bits per pixel, spatial resolution
dithering and anti-aliasing
Compression: GIF vs JPG.
Human vision and color perception. Gender, Orders of magitude (retina [image source and further (unrequired) reading] vs. monitor)
Color systems for computers: RGB and CMYK,

For this week

Web standards for graphics: HTML, CSS, SVG, WebGL (part of Open GL), W3C vs W3Schools
Color systems for computers:  HSL (vs. RGB) , CIE,  Indexed Color
Human vision and color perception. linguistic and cultural issues, gender.
2D Coordinate systems and the screen.
Bzier curves (quadratic and cubic) animated example (from Jason Davies),
drawn objects in SVG: polygons, paths, curves
gradients, clipping and masks
string manipulation
sorting objects
data analysis
the basics (a somewhat polemic and naive treatise)
Using <canvas> in HTML (getting ready for ThreeJS)
SVG: a start
HTML: "pregraphics examples"
Example 1a placing simple cubes in a space
Example 1b -- moving the camera

Other examples to consider (web graphics):
the class web page (note use of gradient, CSS, interaction)
centering things (JavaScript, CSS, SVG)
rotation (2D, 3D, CSS, SVG)

For later weeks:

translation, rotation, scaling
SVG transform matrix (explanation from Mozilla) (used for triangulated warp)
affine and perspective transformations
Vector spaces
texture, noise, filters, fractals, shaders
tessellation (note, in particular, the last link here. )
interaction and animation
2.5D and illusion (fun: tangles and paradox)
computational geometry

Assigned Reading-- the class web page and links leading from it.

"Reading" for the purposes of this class, requires understanding the material sufficiently to 

Assignment #1. Due Tuesday, March 13: Send email (using the proper format) to the instructor verifying that you're in the class!  Also, please review the above topics (from vectors and pixels through computational geometry) and list, in order, the five topics you would like most to learn about this semester.

Assignment #2. Due Tuesday, March 20th. Send me (though email) the source code (plain text) of a web page containing a two textareas and a button. JavaScript (in the <script> of the web page) should, when the button is clicked, take the words contained in the first textarea and display them in alphabetical order inside the second textarea.