Course Information
Spring 2018 COMP  361
Introduction to Computer Graphics
Instructor: Dr. David Dailey

Meeting Time:  Tuesdays  6:30 - 9:00 p.m. 

Meeting Place: STEM 326

Instructor's Office Hours:  In the classroom, before class (6:00 or 6:15 depending on interest expressed through email)

Instructor's e-mail address:

Required reading: Class web page found at

Method of determining final grade
: Assignments: 60%; quizzes 30%; class participation 10%;

Late work: Assignments will be accepted until one week after the due date, but with a penalty of 20% for any assignment turned in after the due date. Assignments more than one week late, or beyond the last day of class, cannot be accepted.

Make-up exams: It is the student's responsibility a) to notify the instructor beforehand if he or she must miss an exam due to illness or family emergency and b) to take the initiative in finding a time suitable to the instructor for a make-up exam. 

Attendance Policy: The attendance policy is exactly that prescribed by the College.

Academic Integrity: All academic work for this course must consist of your own work.  The College's statement on academic integrity will apply.